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"Give us the Gains" Campaign -- Donate Stock

Leigh HSC can now accept stock donations on behalf of all of the boosters at Leigh.  We have partnered with StockDonator.com to simplify the process of making your tax deductible donations of stock to any of the boosters at Leigh.
Due to the minimum service fees involved, Stock Donations are best suited for donations valued at $500 and above.

Stock Donator - Donor Info
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Corporate stock donations have significant tax benefits to a donor.  A donor may deduct the market value of the charitable donation from the donor's taxes, and not have to pay taxes on the capital gains.  This is why we have called it the "Give us the Gains" Campaign.  Be sure to consult your tax advisor regarding your personal tax situation. 
How it works
  1. Donors log on to www.stockdonator.com and enter information required to donate a stock.
    • The specific stock and number of shares.
    • Select Leigh HSC as receiving organization -- tell us to which boosters to direct your donation.
    • Identify personal and brokerage information.
  2. Stock Donator generates the required forms to receive the stock donation from the Donor's Brokerage Firm.
  3. Stock Donator immediately liquidates the stock donation and provides the cash proceeds to Leigh HSC minus a small service fee. 

Q: Can I donate stock to PAPA, All-Sports Booster Club (ASBC) or Leigh High Spirit Boosters (LHSB)?

A: Absolutely!  Simply make your stock donation and select "special handling" to tell us how you would like to direct your donation. Since the proceeds will vary based on sell price and fees, please use percentages when directing to multiple subordinate organizations.
Examples of special handling instructions:
  • 100% PAPA -- Winter Percussion
  • 50% PAPA -- Winter Percussion/50% LHSB -- Game Team
  • $250.00 to Leigh HSC/Remaining to ASBC.